5W’s & H-Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone Authority

Who are those individuals/entities will consider Ajman Free Zone Authority for registration?

  • Investor friendly environment and one-stop-shop administration services seekers
  • Interested in establishing/expanding their business in GCC in general & UAE specifically
  • Low cost of investment for setting up business
  • Cheaper operating cost, power, rent/lease, transportation, living cost etc…
  • 100% repatriation of the capital as well the profits
  • Hassel free, effortless, smooth & Fast-track licensing procedure

What all factors you must consider before making a decision to choose a jurisdiction?

  • Your requirements & jurisdiction’s offerings have an exact match, for example- the number of visas, business activity availability, suitable license type, business needs, port, Wearhouse & lease, transportation cost etc.
  • Restrictions on nationality or maximum allowed employment visas to hire the workforce
  • Zero hidden costs and the transparency on complete procedure till handing over your license & visas
  • Physical location of the jurisdictions feasibility & accessibility.
  • Each Free Zone is designated for a particular type of business, i.e. cannot operate any type of business in any free zone

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When would it be ideal to start the registration process in AFZA?

  • It is influenced by both internal & external factors such as time, cost, business opportunities & willingness.
  • Developed a trust between you & AFZA representative that the time & money be better spent on meeting your business needs
  • All your worries related to setting up your business were been addressed to your satisfaction
  • Required workforce nationalities have no issues in getting employment visa
  • Required office space, license type or number of visas are available and there is no waiting period for the same
  • You must have a list of deliverables before making a decision to incorporate your company

Where to begin with in order to register your company in Ajman Free Zone?

  • What is your business activity?
  • How many visas do you need?
  • What will be your expansion plan for next 1 year?
  • Is your or your company staff nationality required additional approvals?
  • Where will your business transactions be carried out(Inside UAE/ Outside UAE or Both)?

Answering the above-mentioned questions will eliminate bottleneck and help you to get a suitable and most economical package for your proposed company

Why should you choose Ajman Free Zone Authority to register your company?

  • Ease of Access
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Dedicated Customer Oriented Team
  • Economic & Zero Hidden Cost
  • License Issued in 1-day
  • Installment Package
  • No Corporate /Income Tax & No Audit Requirements

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How to register your company in Ajman Free Zone?

1.Show us your interest in company formation by sending us an inquiry or contact author
2.We will get back to you with an immediate effect during the business hours with the suitable business packages based on your requirements
3.During the occasion of successfully resolving your queries, select a suitable company incorporation package
4.Upon summation of signed original set of documents and making the payment, within 24 hours your license will be ready for collection
5.Congratulations Your business is successfully registered and ready for its operations in UAE & Internationally

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