Main Land Company Registration

LLC-Limited Liability Company as name defines the liabilities of the company is limited to its shares. This is one of the oldest and popular structures in the international market. A Limited Liability Company can be formed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders.
To incorporate this type of company it is mandatory to have a UAE national by having a minimum 51% of shares and remaining 49% of shares must be allotted to the other shareholder in the company.
Mainland Company is registered in the UAE jurisdiction; an LLC company enjoys 100% flexibilities in conducting business in the UAE.
LLC is a famous structure by its own virtue, this type of companies can be registered for any profitable origination.

Following are few advantages of Mainland Company :

  • 1
    No restrictions on business activities
  • 2
    No restrictions on claiming goods clearance from customs
  • 3
    100% flexibility to sell goods/services anywhere in the UAE
  • 4
    Visa allocation for the company is directly proportional to office size
  • 5
    Enjoys credibility among the UAE & international market
  • 6
    Legal status of the company
  • 7
    Ease of opening Bank account

Mainland Jurisdictions in the UAE


  • Must require a UAE national to incorporate the company
  • Only 49% of shareholding allowed for foreign investors

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